Naibo Wang

Naibo Wang

PhD Student of Data Science at National University of Singapore (President Fellowship)

新加坡国立大学数据科学博士生 (总统奖学金)

Institute of Data Science (IDS), NUS Graduate School - Integrative Sciences & Engineering Programme (NUSGS-ISEP), School of Computing (SoC)
数据科学学院国大研究生院 - 交叉科学与工程项目, 计算机学院

National University of Singapore

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Research Interests: Machine Learning Model Market, Federated Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Database, AI, etc.


I’m now a PhD Student of the Institute of Data Science (IDS) at National University of Singapore with the Singapore President Fellowship, jointly hosted by the Institute of Data Science (IDS), NUS Graduate School - Integrative Sciences & Engineering Programme (NUSGS-ISEP) and the School of Computing (SoC). I'm now tutored by and working with Prof. NG See-Kiong in the field of Machine Learning Model Market.

I once worked as a PhD Student/intern for 2 years at the school of computing, National University of Singapore (NUS) working with Prof. Bingsheng He in the field of Federated Learning (FML).

I got my Master Degree at the end of June 2020 when I was 22 years old in College of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University.

My master supervisor is Prof. Jianwei Yin and was tutored by Dr. Zhiling Luo.

I received my B.S. degree in School of Computer Science and Technology from Xidian University in 2017.

I graduated from Shenxian No.1 Middle School at County Shen, Liaocheng, Shandong Province, China MainLand.

My hometown is located at Dazhang Middle School, County Shen, Liaocheng, Shandong Province, Mainland of the People's Republic of China. I grew up there with my parents along with my buddies, as well as got my junior high and primary school's degree.

I once worked on the domain of Service Computing when I was in Zhejiang University, and I have designed and implemented a system which can automatically convert available data in web pages to web services called Service Wrapper.

I also participated in the research of user behavior analysis with some AI knowledge. Meanwhile, I participated in the work related to human-computer interaction.

My GPA is 4.0/4.0 during my postgraduate studies, and 3.6/4.0 during my undergraduate studies.

I took the TOEFL Test at July 2019 with score 103; the GRE Test at September 2019 and got a score of Verbal 157, Quantitative 170, AW 4.0.

Till now, I won 20+ awards such as the National Scholarship and Graduate Star (only 10 of 5000 students can get it). At the same time, I independently completed nearly 40 projects of different scales with more than 15 programming languages. I had built 4 sets of management systems for my department and they are still online now.

My undergraduate graduation design is Parallel design of convolution neural network based on OpenCL, which accelerates the convolutional neural network with a CUDA-like cross-platform parallelization design language OpenCL and achieved 300 times faster training speed and it was awarded the University’s Excellent Graduation Thesis.



Qinbin Li, Zeyi Wen, Zhaomin Wu, Sixu Hu, Naibo Wang , Yuan Li, Xu Liu, Bingsheng He (2021) A survey on federated learning systems: vision, hype and reality for data privacy and protection [T] IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE) [PDF].

Meng Xi, Zhiling Luo, Naibo Wang, Jianwei Yin (2020) A Latent Feelings-aware RNN Model for User Churn Prediction with Behavioral Data [J] IEEE SmartDataServices 2020 (SMDS) [Best Paper Award] [PDF].

Meng Xi, Ying Li, Yongna Wei, Naibo Wang, Yuyu Yiny, Zhiling Luo , Shuiguang Deng , Yihua Mao , Jianwei Yin (2019) A Scenario-based Requirement Model for Crossover Healthcare Service [C] The 2019 IEEE World Congress on Services (SERVICES). [PDF].


Zhiling Luo, Naibo Wang, Xiya Lyu, Zitong Yang, Jianwei Yin (2019) 一种基于网页分割和搜索算法的服务包装系统 (A service wrapper system based on web page segmentation and searching algorithms) (Accepting) [Acceptance Notification]


[During Ph.D. period]

  • Cryptocurrency Trade Market/Platform
  • Worked as full-time software engineer to build a Cryptocurrency Trade Market/Platform. Users are free to buy, sell and start their invest with a free-adjusted GUI. Responsible for building the full frontend and part of the backend of the system with multiple languages and frameworks. Designed the database structure, participated in requirement design and deployed the platform on secure and stable servers.

[During graduate student period]

  • System: Service Wrapper
  • This work constructed a service wrapper system to convert available data in web pages into web services. Additionally, a set of algorithms are introduced to solve problems in the whole conversion process. People can use our system to convert web data into web services with fool-style operations and invoke these services by one simple step, which greatly expands the use of web data.

    With Service Wrapper, a rookie user can design and generate a web crawler in just a few minutes without any prior knowledge of web/network spider. The system outstripped the traditional crawler program on the efficiency of data collection. The Service Wrapper can either automatically analyze the page, generate crawler rules, and return the corresponding structured data; or a user can design its own crawl rules with a user-friendly GUI.

  • System: A Scenario-based Requirement Model for Crossover Healthcare Service
  • In this work, a scenario-based requirement model (SBRM) is proposed for crossover healthcare service. A DSL and a prototype system are designed based on the model as well. Our model defines the requirements as: WHO, in what SCENARIOs, what PROCESSes need to be performed, and what RULEs need to be satisfied. We verify our model in the real case of the MEH (medical, eldercare, healthcare) crossover service. SBRM supports the service better in our cases and shows satisfactory efficiency, effectiveness, and reusability.

  • AI: Understand the feeling of the player behavioral simulation-based user churn prediction.
  • This work proposed a RNN model called LaFee to get latent feelings while predicting user churn, which mitigates the challenge of lacking users’ real feelings. In the mean time, it introduced a method called BMM-UCP to help models predict user churn when it needs to be completed with only behavioral data. Then it carried out statistical quantitative analysis of the satisfaction and aspiration while expounding and proving the physical meaning of them.

  • Android: Weather Treasure.
  • Front-End: High resolution ground to ground observation service grid system. [link]
  • It's a website platform that integrated with many web services in the field of high resolution satellite images grid. Users can create and publish their services on the platform and import their procedures to the platform in the form of web services. The platform covers many high resolution satellite images such as Land, Sea, Forest, etc. People can also develop their own services with an online Web IDE and import the purchased SDK very easily. Meanwhile, the platform can monitor the status of the running devices (with the help of Zabbix) to ensure the robustness of the whole system.

  • Course Design: Parallel design of convolution neural network based on CUDA.

[During the undergraduate student period]

  • AI: Parallel design of convolution neural network based on OpenCL (Graduation Project).
  • This work completes the parallel design of convolution neural network based on OpenCL, and verifies the feasibility and correctness of the designed algorithm on heterogeneous parallel platform. Based on the analysis of the basic structure of convolution neural network of handwritten numeral recognition, this paper summarizes the optimization method of convolution neural network training based on OpenCL, and proposes a single convolution process parallel, multi-convolution task parallel, multi-convolution data Parallel and batch processing and other openCL-based parallel optimization program, and complete the optimization program programming. The training, testing process and simulation of CNN algorithm are realized on Intel CPU, AMD GPU and NVIDIA GPU platform. The test results show that the parallel optimization scheme proposed in this paper is about 375 times faster than the serial execution method in the case of the same training accuracy rate.

  • Android: Study Harder My Friends! / Tripartite agreement reservation system.
  • Website System: Three-thinking student service platform / XIDIAN optical institute reservation system / Network class learning system in Central University of Finance and Economics / National scientific research project application system / Crab verification code service system.
  • The three-thinking website is a huge platform that provide many services for the students and teachers in Xidian University. The number of visitors reached 100,000 during the operation of the website. Students can get instant news, check their ranks and GPAs and download the prove of their RANK and GPA very quickly. Also, they can order some basic materials such as their transcript and other proves with this system and officers can handle these orders very easily. For the professors in Xidian University, they use the system to grade their students' graduation projects. Also, the website provides a page for the students to find information about the summer camps' news and helps teachers to recruit good students by publishing Ads on the website. Until now, when I have already graduated from Xidian University for two years, the officers are still using this system to free their hands and improve their work efficiency.

  • Embedded: Intelligent indoor navigation system / Basketball game timer / 8-bit CPU.
  • Client: International student information management system / The game: Dream Load / Counselor contest timer.
  • Course Design: Electronic organ / KTV VOD system / Who is the undercover? / Sanctions Recorder.

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[Social Works]

  • Graduate Monitor / Director of undergraduate office / Monitor in Senior high school.
  • Chief editor of journal three-thinking in XDU / chief editor of Employment guidance manual for graduates of XDU / main designer of brochure of Zhongnan culture academy of XDU college of humanities.
  • Modern history speech group leader / MAO project group leader / school level summer practice team leader.

[Skills and Hobbies]

  • PS, typesetting and video production (including special effects production, music processing and video editing).
  • I have been the editor-in-chief, proofreader and typesetting of various publications, as well as the director, screenwriter and post-production of various micro films and video, and won many awards.
  • I have hosted dozens of speech and participated in various school activities.
  • I love appreciating music and playing badminton.

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